Xbox Game Pass Latest Editions

GTA V, NHL 21, MBL The Show 21, Zombie Army 4 Dead War

Xbox Game Pass - Latest Editons

Microsoft has announced the next sleet of games arriving to Xbox Game Pass throughout April. Industry top dog Grand Theft Auto V, and sport franchises NHL 21 (Console) and (previous Sony exclusive) MLB The Show 21 are all worth getting excited for. It's also worth noting each of these games will be available on either the base Console or xCloud tiers of the somewhat confusing Game Pass structure.

GTA V - April 8 for Console and Cloud

Zombie Arm 4: Dead War - April 8 for Console, Cloud and PC

Disneyland Adventures - April 8 for Cloud only

Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure - April 8 for Cloud only

NHL 21 - April 12 for Console only

Rain on Your Parade - April 15 for Console, Cloud and PC

Pathway - April 15 for PC only

MLB The Show 21 - April 20 for Console and Cloud

You can find the full list of titles for Game Pass here.