WWE 2K22 teaser trailer

Series returns after skipping a year

2K Sports have revealed a new trailer for the annual wrestling video game franchise, the WWE 2K series. It was showcased on the first night of WWE’s premier event - WrestleMania.

After skipping a year due to COVID-19 as well as the disastrous 2K20, a game rife with bugs, glitches and poor gameplay performance, 2K Sports wants this game to ‘hit different’ and garner fans’ trust again.

The trailer has Rey Mysterio and Cesaro battling it out in a WWE Raw arena. Immediately watching the trailer you'll notice the graphics have improved greatly from its predecessors.

More information will be released soon. Though its worth noting the series normally releases in Q4 of the calendar year on PlayStation and Xbox.

WWE fans, do you think the year long gap will be beneficial to the game?

[SOURCE: Youtube.com]