WWE 2K22 new features and overhaul


WWE 2K22 promises more game modes

WWE 2K22 will be overhauled with a new control scheme and engine, with animations entirely revamped. The other news 2K Sports shared is the return of a General Manager mode as well as a new factions mode.

The General Manager mode makes a return since WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 and has been rebranded as MyGM, allowing you to draft superstars, book matches, and operate the WWE as seen in previous series instalments.

MyFACTION is a new mode where you build a faction from wrestlers of every WWE era to participate in game challenges and modes. Your customisable factions can be upgraded as you progress further in the challenges.

Other modes featured include the WWE Universe mode, Creation Creation, MyRISE (chronicles a rookie wrestler becoming a legend) and 2K Showcase (replay a WWE legend’s most famous matches).

WWE 2K22 is set for release in March 2022.

[SOURCE: ign.com]