Violett Remastered Review (Xbox Series X)

It's a small world...

The titular Violett’s striking purple hair is as vibrant as the world her point and click adventure unfolds in. Having recently moved into a new home in the country with her parents, Violett is drawn to a glowing light in a hole in her bedroom wall. Upon reaching in and retrieving a glowing amulet, she somehow shrinks and finds herself in an otherworldly dimension.

Rife with puzzles and objects to find, collect and interact with, Violett Remastered is a noticeable improvement over its 2013 original and also offers new levels. The point and click adventure still provides a decent challenge for genre fans with its strong and memorable puzzles.

Violett Remastered is a tale told visually, with no text-based dialogue or narration, effectively communicated within the confines of its gorgeous art-style. When Violett and her parents move to an old house in the middle of nowhere, she has no idea that an old necklace hidden in her bedroom wall will send her on a wild, unexpected and puzzling adventure. Magically shrunken, Violett experiences the world from a much smaller perspective, with everything and every creature she enc

ounters feeling larger than life. Over a dozen levels teeming with insects - giant from Violett's newfound perspective - are also home to some clever and admittedly challenging puzzles.

As a point and click adventure, Violett Remastered certainly delivers in the puzzle department the genre is adored for. Violett is able to move between environments and interact with countless objects and characters that populate them, using them to solve puzzles that increase in complexity with story progression. Some of the interactions are well hidden amidst the vibrance and sheer density of the artistic landscape, making them difficult to find without through exploration. For players struggling with the puzzles there is an excellent hint function that highlights all possible interactions on-screen.

I am not ashamed to admit I had to use this several times, even though I had played the original title nearly ten years ago. While it highlights the things that can be interacted with it is still up to the player to determine which items from their inventory need to be used with other objects or characters to keep the story moving. This guided assistance certainly helps and when all else fails, trying everything within the inventory with all of the points of interest identified by the hint function will eventually get even the most casual of puzzle players through.

The areas that Violett journeys through are so diverse and interesting, ranging from the likes of libraries, caverns, volcanos, islands and many more clever takes on the world from a smaller perspective. These locations are vibrant, exciting and cleverly designed.

The playful interactions and animations breathe life into this micro-world and it's fun to have to put in the work to progress and see more of it. Playful sound design and an enchanting score keeps the atmosphere light and fun, a welcome approach to the presentation to compliment the potentially stressful puzzle-solving.

Violett Remastered is a genuine improvement over the original and a faithful representation of the beloved point and click genre. Casual and franchise fans can enjoy the experience at their own pace with the invaluable hint system available if things feel a little tough. The charming visuals in the delightful micro-world Violett finds herself in keep each location interesting and unique, a playful distraction to the increasingly complex puzzles standing in the way of progression.

So, what works?

  • Fun art and level design

  • Genuinely challenging puzzles

  • Excellent hint system

And what doesn't?

  • Story is minimalistic

  • No character development

  • No replay value


Violett Remastered was reviewed on Xbox Series X and is also available on Xbox One/Series S, PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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