Victoria 3 Announcement Trailer

Years of anticipation have become reality

Paradox have announced the long awaited Victoria 3 at PDXCon. Speculation and predications in the fan community has been running amok over Victoria 3’s eventual release for nearly 11 years.

In contrast to most RTS strategy games, where you essentially ‘repaint’ a map by conquering rival civilisations with your own, the Victoria series places higher emphasis being a historical simulation. Basically it means greater emphasis to placed on economics, politics and population management over warfare – though getting into military conflicts is still part of the game.

Set in the 19th century, you are given the option of over 100 nations ranging from the Great European Powers to local and regional powers across the globe.

Victoria 3 has not been given a release date yet.

The meme is no more, and Victoria 3 is actually a reality. What do you all think of the trailer?