Thymesia Official Announcement Trailer

A new Soulslike clone for PC

Announced by Overborder Studio and Team17, Thymesia follows plague doctor Corvus who has the unique ability to rend the diseased powers of his enemies from them and fashion them into powerful weapons. Story details are yet not known, but the game will feature different endings for replayability purposes.

Watching the trailer, you would not be alone in thinking the game takes heavy influence from the Dark Souls series, whether it is the exploration, the action RPG styled combat or the dark fantasy aesthetic.

The only information we have on its release is that Thymesia is heading to PC later this year. No word on consoles.

What do you think about the game? Another uninspired Soulslike clone? Or a fun new game that’ll improve the new sub-genre? Let us know in the comments.

[SOURCE: IGN YouTube Channel]