Unreal Engine 5 new features overview

Epic breaks down the biggest update to Unreal Engine yet

Epic Games' Unreal Engine is the incredibly powerful suite of development tools behind many of your favourite games, and it's about to get a whole stack of new game-changing features.

One of the stand-outs of Unreal's next-gen version is Nanite. Essentially what Nanite will do is allow game developers to create worlds with never seen before levels of geometric detail by intelligently streaming and processing only the necessary pieces. The engine will be able to "directly import film-quality source assets that are comprised of millions of polygons", and place them while maintaining a real-time frame rate.

The second big leap in Unreal's technology is the Lumen feature. In a nutshell Lumen is a highly advanced global illumination solution that can adapt indirect lighting on the fly to sync with any changes in geometry or the game world (think breaking down a wall, or opening a door).

Unreal Engine 5 also brings advances to animation, sound and developer workflow, as well as updates to MetaHuman and more.

Definitely check out the full 15-min video if you're at all interested!

[SOURCE www.youtube.com venturebeat.com]