Unity Software acquires Weta Digital

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Unity purchases Weta Digital for $1.6 billion

Unity Software the 3D game-development platform, will be acquiring filmmaker Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital technology division for $1.625 billion. This means the Weta Digital suite of VFX, technology, tools and engineering team will join Unity’s Create Solutions division.

The game development platform giant aims to further its VFX footprint, by allowing creators worldwide (and outside Hollywood) to have access to Weta’s tools via a cloud-based system with SAAS (software-as-a-service) soon to be announced pricing. Essentially the tools that were used to create Gollum from The Lord of the Rings or Caesar from The Planet of the Apes will be accessible to greater public.

Weta Digital is the largest VFX studio on the globe with staff in over 40 countries. The company specialises on areas such as facial capture and manipulation, anatomical modelling, advance simulation and deformation of objects in movement, and procedural hair and fur modelling.

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