Two Point Campus leaks

Another Microsoft Store fumble

Two Point Campus leaks

The reveal of stimulation and strategy developer Two Point Studios next title, Two Point Campus, has been leaked by a placing on the Microsoft Store.

In much similar vain to their 2018 release Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus will see players built out their own universities while getting to know the students, exploring their personalities and fulfilling their wants and needs. The description also notes that for the first time in the franchise players will be able to build outside, including strategic playing of paths and decorations.

Where Two Point Campus stands out however is in the faculties the campus offers. Instead of your usual business or science studies, the university if about the 'Knight School and Gastronomy' where is "where your students will build mouth-watering concoctions like giant pizzas and enormous pies". Expect all the standard strategy elements of crafting buildings, hiring of staff, choosing courses and kitting out the campus.

No release date was given on the leak, however both current and next gen versions were listed.