Twitch data breach

Over 100GB of information leaked

Twitch info gets leaked

Game-streaming platform Twitch has been breached by hackers, with over 100GB of sensitive company data and streamers’ earnings being made public.

The company is in a urgent investigation to fully grasp the situation, releasing a statement via Twitter to inform the community on the latest updates.

Listed on online social media forums, the documents show how much streamers earned from from August/September 2019 to October 2021. Streamers have revealed to major news outlets such as BBC News, their earning listed were ‘accurate’. Other off-platform activities, sponsorship deals, tax paid on income are not likely to be included.

In addition, the site’s source code and technical details have been contained in the documents, such as metadata folders. Security experts reveal internal server details files can only be accessed by Twitch employees only, which only adds insult to injury.