Tune in to this list of TV shows we’d love to see return as video games

By now, you’ve heard the news that Netflix will be releasing a live-action adaption of the Pokémon series. We cannot wait to see Ash Ketchum, Pikachu and co. make their way through the Kanto region in high definition, while maintaining the rich characters and themes that made the original animated series so memorable.

This announcement got us reminiscing about some of the best TV adaptations of video games we’ve seen.

Over the years, shows like The Witcher, Castlevania and Mega Man have taken the whimsy and wonder of these game series’ and distilled them into exciting viewing experiences that both gamers and n00bs can enjoy.

While we’ve seen so many video games make the jump to the small screen, we haven’t seen nearly as many television shows make the leap into gaming. Which got us thinking – what would be some of the best video game adaptations of television shows?

Here are a few series’ we’d love to be able to play.

Tiger King

While Netflix is yet to produce an original video game (yet), Tiger King is one of the streaming platform’s most popular shows. Ever. And with its eclectic cast of characters, it’d make for a memorable open-world action-adventure title.

Picture a GTA-style game where you can step into the shoes of Joe Exotic, making your way around G.W. Zoo, having to deal with adversaries including Carol Baskin, Doc Antle and Jeff Lowe.

Sign. Us. Up.


Dystopian sci-fi is a genre we’ve seen in gaming many times before, thanks to Bioshock, Half-Life, Metro 2033 and others. However, we think the innovative storytelling in Jonathan Nolan’s smash hit series Westworld would provide a fresh spin on a familiar genre.

Think Cyberpunk 2077 meets Red Dead Redemption.

Imagine playing as Dolores or Maeve, making your way throughout the neo-Western amusement park and discovering clues that uncover the secret behind Westworld’s ‘hosts’.

The Crown

Okay, hear us out. If you’ve played any Age of Empires title, this idea should not sound so left field. Using the reign of the House of Windsor as the basis, put your strategic abilities to the ultimate test in an empire-simulation style game.

Rule with mercy or with severity as you witness the world advance from the 20th Century into the 21st. Engage or disengage wars, enact diplomacy and decolonisation, all while monitoring the activity of the Commonwealth. How different would the world be if you were Head of State?

For those interested in history and politics, this potential is too good to pass up.

The Umbrella Academy

Who wouldn’t want to be fighting crime as part of a ragtag bunch of misfits with superpowers? Enrol into the Umbrella Academy and join the cast of colourful characters as a long-lost family member. Learn how to harness your power, fight in sync with your siblings, and maybe even uncover the many secrets of Sir Reginald Hargreeves along the way.

We can imagine players embarking on some pretty amazing adventures with the Hargreeves family, and the in-game superpowers could also lend themselves to some unique and clever fighting mechanics. We think this could be a fun and whimsical take on superhero and apocalypse genres.

Alice in Borderland

A game about a TV show that’s about games within games, why not? Find yourself lost in a dangerously freaky world where, every day, it’s either play or die (and most often both).

Drawing inspiration from cult movies such as Battle Royale and Cube, we can imagine an online open world battle royale game, where players have to make their way through a series of deadly games in order to survive another day. Forge alliances with other players, mince your enemies in the games (sometimes literally) and solve the mystery as to how you all came to be there.

Fall down the rabbit hole with us and wish for this game to exist already.

These titles all have the potential to be wildly engaging games. With memorable characters and interesting premises, who wouldn’t want to relive the fun all over again through the medium of gaming?


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