Trigger Witch Announcement Trailer

Witches and guns, what could go wrong?

New Zealand developer Rainbite are back with their latest title, and it looks fantastic. Trigger Witch is a 2D twin-stick shoot-em-up action game which will see players blast away all manners of monsters across an open world where "magic is outdated and firearms are the new way of life".

The game features multiple biomes and dungeons for playable character Colette to explore, which will be packed with puzzles, ancient mysteries and friends to meet. Boss battles are of course included, and perhaps most excitingly local two player co-op!

We really love the look of this one - its always special to see our Aussie and NZ devs shine. In case you missed it, we recently put together an extensive list of over 80 local studios working on upcoming titles.

Trigger Witch will launch on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox and PC sometime this year. Excited about this title out of Auckland? Let us know in the comments below!