The Last of Us 1 remake is coming

Sony doubles down on blockbuster only titles

Sony is set to bring back the game that skyrocketed the PlayStation 3 in 2013, with new reports from Jason Schreier detailing a full remake is in the works. Considering the title has already received the remaster treatment for PS4, the news is somewhat surprising - what's even more astonishing however is the number of hands the remake has passed through.

Former Studio Head of Sony's Visual Arts Service Group Michael Mumbaurer originally recruited a group of developers to begin work on the remake - during which time Naughty Dog where heads down focused on The Last of Us Part 2 - however after receiving approval on a probationary basis and preparing a vertical slice to showcase, the team was redirected to assist Naughty Dog with polishing off and completing Part 2 of the franchise.

After Part 2 went gold, Sony instructed many long time Naughty Dog employees to now assist Mumbuarer and his team on the remake, but things quickly got difficult as many of these Naughty Dog employees had directly worked on Part 1 back in 2013, and subsequently had different opinions as to the direction the remake should take. The remake was soon moved under Naughty Dog's budget, which was the final nail in the coffin for Mumbuarer's team and resulted with Mumbuarer and many of the top level staff he had gathered departing from Sony.

Today, the project remains in development at Naughty Dog, however it may be sometime before we get any official word on the title as many of us still anxiously wait for The Last of Us Part 2's multiplayer portion, Factions.