The Ascent gameplay and dev commentary

12 minutes of new footage

Swedish indie developer Neon Giant is ramping up for release of their debut title The Ascent - an action-shooter RPG glossed in a gorgeous cyberpunk aesthetic.

Studio co-founder Arcade Berg walks us through a portion of the title's opening one-two hours of gameplay, which by most accounts looks polished and inviting.

Some things we learned:

  • 2 player co-op via local or online play

  • Hub areas to pick up side missions, shop at vendors, explore etc

  • Players start with a pistol and over time progressive to more powerful weaponry

  • Not all enemies will attack on slight, some only after provoked

  • World looks very alive

  • Skills and abilities work in sync with each other

  • Almost all environment assets can be used as cover

The Ascent will release sometime this year, exclusively on Xbox and PC.

The Ascent gameplay and dev commentary