Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown Cinematic Trailer

The tested franchise returns

French video game company Nacon have released the first look at the third instalment of the Test Drive Unlimited franchise - Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown.

The title is being developed by French studio Klyotonn, who have been recently been responsible for the WRC franchise.

Test Drive Unlimited is a rather unique racing experience as it attempts to blend on track racing with off track lifestyle gameplay such as house buying and visiting casinos. Judging by this latest trailer is looks like some of these elements (at least the casino portion) will return.

The trailer also showcases a stunning Range Rover SVR, Aston Martin DB11 and keyfobs for distinct Porsche and Ferrari brands.

More information on the title is due in July, however it looks to be arriving on every major platform, including the Nintendo Switch.

[SOURCE youtube.com]