Switch Online N64 emulation criticised

Plagued by numerous issues

Nintendo Switch N64 has reported issues

Many fans are reporting issues with the Switch N64 online emulation for its button mapping, technical issues and its implementation of the N64 Controller Pak.

The button mapping has been derided for delegating the C-Buttons to the right stick, the Z button to ZL and the B and A buttons to the Switch’s own version of B and A buttons. Since Switch’s buttons are positioned at a different angle to the buttons to the Nintendo 64, many users felt that mapping them to Y and B would have been more appropriate and easier to use.

The Controller Pak (N64’s Memory Card) on the app is also criticised for forcing players to create a save state rather than actually saving the game.

Other issues reported are input lag, audio delays with sounds being heard a split-second after the action as well as graphical hiccups relating to certain games inability to render fog in a single area.

[SOURCE: videogameschronicle.com]