Subnautica: Below Zero PS5 features

Get ready to feel the chill!

As part of Sony's latest State of Play, we have been gifted a brand new trailer for Unknown Worlds upcoming title Subnautica: Below Zero.

The trailer showcases a suite of never before seen environments, creatures and gameplay features. Perhaps most importantly, confirmation that Below Zero will support the PS5's DualSense controller! PS5 users will "feel every icy shock" and the haptic feedback system will "allow you to feel each adrenaline filled chase, and provides visual and audio cues" as you explore the gorgeous world of Below Zero.

The title will also deliver 4k graphics and attempt to target 60fps in performance mode. It's unclear at the moment if performance mode will come with a resolution dip to 1080p. Sony has also announced a free next-gen upgrade for the original Subnautica game for anyone who owns it (which most PlayStation users should as it was completely free this month!)

Subnautica Below Zero releases on May 14th for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.