Starfield is exclusive to Microsoft platforms!

Jeff Grubb confirms it on Twitter

Starfield - Xbox and PC exclusive

It seems the message is not getting through to certain parts of game community in that Starfield will be a Microsoft exclusive game.

Phil Spencer confirmed it months ago and we wrote about it. Now Venturebeat’s Jeff Grubb, a reporter and leaker has tweeted:

Jeff Grubb - Starfield exclusive to Microsoft platforms

Grubb is highly accurate when it comes to Xbox-related rumours and it would not be a surprise if he has deep connections within Microsoft.

Microsoft spent over $7 billion in purchasing Zenimax/Bethesda Studios, so its a no-brainer that the company wants (and needs) more exclusive game content for its Game Pass service as well as staying competitive in the marketplace.

Some would say “But these games are gonna lose out on a lot of money from not having a Sony release”. That may be true, but the same point can be made towards Mario, Zelda or Pokemon ‘losing’ sales by not being released on non-Nintendo platforms. Microsoft spent a ton of money by adding the Bethesda games to its catalogue, so its going to take full advantage of its investment.

If Sony does eventually embrace Xbox Game Pass service, then Starfield will come to the PlayStation.

Do you believe this settles the discussion?