Stadia VP and head of product departs Google

Another loss for Stadia

Former VP Stadia John Justice leaves Google

Vice President and Head of Product at Stadia John Justice has recently left Google. Hired by the tech giant in 2019 to be in charge for the consumer experience, he often spoke about future plans for the streaming service. Later on, Justice stated that Google would no longer overpromise new features before being ready.

The company confirmed to 9to5google in a statement:

'We can confirm John is no longer with Google and we wish him well on his next step'.

Although Justice’s departure does not mean the streaming service will have its plug pulled out, it does confirm in the minds of observers that Google is still struggling to find its feet with gaming. Back in February, Google shut down its gaming division, but persists with Stadia.

What do you think about this exec leaving? More worrying signs for Google Stadia?

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