Square Enix Image Studio Division Announcement

Two former divisions will merge as one

Square Enix has announced the establishment of Square Enix Image Studio Division. By merging its Visual Works Division and Image Arts Division into a singular entity, Square Enix believes their technologies and R&D efforts will enhance next generation visuals. Takeshi Nozue has been appointed as General Manager.

See below for Square Enix’s press release or full statement here:

'The Visual Works Division has created pre-rendered movies for many of the Company's game titles. The Image Arts Division, whose core staff includes members from the team that created the movie KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV, has meanwhile engaged in research and development into high-end visual expression with a focus on real-time graphics.'

'By fusing the technologies and attributes of the two divisions into the SQUARE ENIX Image Studio Division, the Company aims to become faster at its research and development efforts into next-generation visual expression and at incorporating the results of those efforts into actual content. It thereby hopes to provide its customers with an even higher quality of experience.'

Fans of Square Enix games, what do you think about this merger decision? Think the next Final Fantasy will look a million bucks? Let us know down below.

[SOURCE: squareenix.com]