Sony looking to start developing for smartphones

Will tackle existing franchises.

Sony Smartphone Mobile Gaming Development

A new job listing for 'Head of Mobile, PlayStation Studios' has appeared which directly points towards Sony's plans to establish an entire new division of development focused on smartphones.

The role, which is situated out of the company's U.S. headquarters, states that the successful candidate will "own and develop the mobile games strategy for PlayStation Studios and help build a foundation for future growth opportunities. You will lead all aspects of the expansion of our game development from consoles and PCs to mobile & Live Services with a focus on successfully adapting PlayStation’s most popular franchises for mobile".

The last part of this statement is quite revealing, and details the manufactures ambitions to adapt it's many successful franchises for handheld mobile devices. It wouldn't be all that surprising if these titles were also set to tie in with Sony's movie and TV production efforts - meaning we could potentially expect Ghost of Tsushima or The Last of Us series on mobile, in some format.

It's well known that Sony is shutting down its PSP, and PS Vita storefronts this year, however this recent news suggests the manufacture is certainly not throwing in the towel when it comes to handheld gaming. And why would they? Nintendo has seen incredible success with the Switch and has all but proven there is still a strong marketplace for mobile gaming.

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