Sony Interactive Entertainment partners with Disability Inclusion

Jim Ryan, SIE CEO, joins CEOs in campaign for awareness

SIE and Disability: IN partner in global campaign disability awareness.

The CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), Jim Ryan, has joined a coalition of CEOs promoting a more inclusive work environment for people with disabilities. The campaign is known as “Are you IN?", initiated by Disability: IN, an organisation devoted to disability equality and inclusion in business.

Sony recognises that by providing accessible tools, products, and services is an important step for new inclusive hires. Ryan along with 56 CEOs' signatories encourage investors, companies and business professionals to participate.

“We’re very proud of Jim Ryan for his global leadership in making Sony Interactive Entertainment inclusive of people with disabilities and asking other leaders to do the same. Sony’s commitment to making technology platforms accessible to customers with disabilities has opened up gaming to millions of people.” says the President and CEO of Disability: IN, Jill Houghton.

You can read Sony’s full statement here. Do you all believe this will be a catalyst for major change?