Sonic Colors Remaster?

Details listed on a French retailer site

Potenial Sonic Colors remaster has conflicting sources. French retailer lists details of it.

Sonic Colors Ultimate has been listed on French retailer Sogamely, that ships with prices from €30 with a 2021 release for the PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One consoles.

Previously in late 2020, a German voiceover studio by the name of iksample revealed that a Sonic Colours Remaster was in the works. The website of iksample has since been taken down.

Nintendo Everything and Gematsu who first reported the iksample leak, are unsure if the iksample leak has any correlation with the recent Sogamely listing.

Released in November 2010, Sonic Colors was a title developed for the Wii and DS, that was notable for introducing the Wisp power-ups to the series.

Sonics fans are you eager for a Sonic Colors remaster?