Sludge Life refused Australian classification

Here we go again

Devolver Digital's latest release Sludge Life has been refused classification from the Australian Classification Review Board.

The game was set to release digitally on Nintendo Switch today, however due to the refused classification this won't be happening. In typical fashion, the ban has stopped Nintendo from selling the game on their eShop, but not the PC versions via Steam or the Epic Games store.

Honestly it's not all that surprising the review board didn't like the look of Sludge Life since it has heavy themes of smoking and beneficial drug use. The board however really needs to take a look at its regulations and be more transparent and open to discussion with smaller publishers. Ubisoft for instance was able to lobby and persuade the review board to allow the recent South Park games, which feature much more crude elements.

We'll keep you update if the situation changes.

Sludge Life refused Australian classification