Rumoured 2021 Call Of Duty - Q4 release?

Alternate history with a 1950s World War II setting

Rumoured COD title set for late 2021 release. Its set in an alternate history setting.

A notable Call of Duty insider, named Victor Z, has revealed details on the next instalment of the franchise. Tentatively titled Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard, the game is based in an alternate history of the 1950s where World War II is still an ongoing conflict.

Sledgehammer Games, responsible for developing Call of Duty: WW2 is said to be in charge of this upcoming release.

In relation to COD: Warzone, the source mentioned Vanguard will have its weapons and assets ported over, continuing to add more content to the highly popular Battle Royale. Previously Black Ops: Cold War’s multiplayer content was integrated with Warzone.

This source has been verified by the likes of Modern Warzone, a COD community news site and Eurogamer as being credible. Activision has not directed commented on the game, but has confirmed a new COD title for late 2021 (as noted by Eurogamer).

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