Rumour: Red and Black DualSense controller on the way

Leaks from Spain

Red and Black DualSense
Concept design by Snoreyn

Spanish site areajugones has shared some leaked information regarding two new colourways for the DualSense controller.

According to the sites internal contacts, a red and black variation, along with a black and grey are expected to be announced 'very soon' by Sony.

As developers steadily begin to implement more of the DualSense's features into their newly released titles, it wouldn't be all that surprising if the Japanese manufacturer does make a subtle push for more controller sales.

We recently shared some insider info regarding the stock levels of next gen consoles in Australia. Depending on the situation of course, it could be possible that initial stock levels of any new PS5 controller colourways could seemingly fly off shelves - so we'll definitely keep you updated on any announcements.