Rumour: NetherRealm Studios developing a Marvel fighting game?

According to a leaker's Patreon page

New Marvel fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios, suggests a leaker.

A new Marvel fighting game is in development by NetherRealm Studios according to leaker Daniel Richtman (reported by Stealth Optional). He claims details are sparse, but the game is in production at the studio and will be developed for next gen consoles.

NetherRealm Studios has the capabilities to create high quality, well-supported fighting games series such as, Mortal Kombat and Injustice. Both titles sell like hotcakes, and if this rumour is true, Disney would most likely want NetherRealm Studios to replicate its success.

Although a question mark can be raised as to whether Disney would loan the Marvel IP to Warner Brothers, a corporate competitor. There are however the Lego games published by Warner Brother Games that features a few Marvel branded titles, i.e. Lego Avengers.

Disney has allowed their IP to be licensed by several video game companies over the past few years, such as Square Enix, Insomniac Games and Koei-Tecmo.

We’ll keep our eyes on any further developments, but in the meantime does anybody believe this could happen?