Returnal runs at 4k 60FPS with Ray-Tracing

The PS5 exclusive may be the best running title yet

Returnal runs at 4k 60FPS with Ray-Tracing

During a recent PlayStation Portugal's MODO PlayStation show, Twitter user Heisenreborn has spotted details revealing the upcoming PS5 exclusive Returnal will run at 4k 60FPS with Ray-Tracing enabled.

Returnal is exactly the type of titles users will want to play in 60FPS, so it's great to learn that no compromises will have to be made for a truly fluid gameplay experience.

The trophy list for the game has also recently leaked online which you can view here. All things considered, the Returnal platinum looks to lean slightly on the easier side, as there are no difficult setting related achievements and many are story based.

The news is also a welcoming surprise after it was revealed that Capcom's Resident Evil Village will only target 45FPS while Ray-Tracing is enabled.

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