Returnal Review Roundup

Housemarque delivers an intense rougelite shooter

Returnal Review Roundup

Reviews are now finally out for Returnal, with most critics giving it the tick of approval. The title is currently sitting at 86/100 on Metacritic, with 81 positive reviews and only 4 mixed.

Many reviewers have noted how beautiful yet dark the title is, with its many horrors and nightmare-ish vibe. Another common note seems to be the titles unrelenting challenge, from the very get go right until the end. Its worth noting that Returnal was pinned as a semi-difficult rougelite, so this should be expected.

One criticism we have noted is the lack of a manual save system. Many 'runs' can take over 2 hours and not allowing players to manually save maybe cause an issue with few. It is possible Housemaqure may patch this feature in at a later date, although we wouldn't be so sure.

We suggest heading over to Metacritic if you would like to read more.

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