Returnal Launch Trailer

Buckle up

Sony has released the final trailer for Returnal before its 30th April launch.

Adequately titled The Tide, the trailer gives us a mix of cinematic and gameplay moments from the bullet hell rougelite. There appears to be a lot of never seen before environments and enemies, so if your someone who likes to go into games blind, then maybe skip this trailer.

Reviews for the title are starting to appear today, with two publications scoring Returnal 9/10. As we understand the embargo for these reviews will lift sometime in the next 24 hours, so expect a blowout of reviews soon.

Returnal is one of the first major PS5 exclusives listed at the eye watering price of $110 (in most retailers), so it will be interesting to see how sales fare on day one.

Speaking of, will you be purchasing Returnal this Friday? Let us know in the comments below.