PSVR 2.0 leaked details

4k, eye tracking, vibration & more!

PSVR 2.0 leaked details. 4K eye tracking

VR focused website UploadVR have shared some insider info on the 'next generation' PlayStation VR kit.

According to the site, version 2.0 of PSVR will feature 4000x2040 pixels (2000x2040 per eye), haptic feedback, gaze tracking capability and a lens separation adjustment dial.

The boost to resolution will bring Sony's headset up to standard with the current industry leaders, falling behind the HP Reverb G2 but beating out the Oculus Quest 2. Instead of relying on an external camera, the headset will use the onboard cameras to track the position of the controllers, making for a much simpler setup than the current version.

Eye tracking will also be implemented, which according to UploadVR will allow for deeper gameplay mechanics, as well as greater social sense/connection to others in a multiplayer setting.

After recently showcasing the controllers, Sony has said PSVR 2.0 will be released sometime after 2021.