PS5 Software Update

Brings new storage and social options

PS5 Software Update

Sony has finally released the first major console update for the PlayStation 5, which according to the manufacturer is "packed with new features and improvements".

The two biggest additions come in the form of proper USB storage expansion and management support, as well as much welcomed social feature improvements.

Users will now be able to transfer PS5 games to a USB extended storage device, freeing up space on the internal SSD, and then seamlessly copy them back over when needed. Due to how the PS5 relies on the speed of the internal SSD, games cannot be played on external storage and will need to be copied back if you wish to run them. Sony has previously stated that it does plan to release certified Sony SSD extenders, however we haven't heard much about these for some time.

On the social side, you will now have more control and personalisation options over features like the Game Base, Game Chat and Share Play. Users can now Share Play together while chatting in parties, and cross-generation support for PS4 and PS5 has been improved allowing PS5 users to let PS4 users view their screen and even control the game. The Game Base now allows users to switch between Parties and Friends much faster, and grants more control over notifications.

Other additions in the update include Screen Zoom, New Trophy Settings and Stats Screen, the ability to customise your game library and pre-download title updates for games. You can read an in depth explanation of each here.

A quick reminder that PS5 Australian Stock is set to release this week.