PS4 has sold more games than any other console

This beast is raking in the numbers

PS4 makes history in game sales

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has sold more games than any other console in history! It has even surpassed its grandfather, the PlayStation 2, in selling more games. The PS2 though is still the king of terms of console hardware sales. The PS4 was launched in 2013, has now sold a minimum of 1.577 billion games, while the PS2 reached 1.537 billion.

Even with the PS5 released, the PS4 still has life in it with the console now selling a further 5.8 million. The PS4’s lifetime sales is now at 115.9 units. Push Square estimates that the 601,000 digital games were sold every day on the PS Store during 2020. They also note some PS5 games were accounted for in the tally.

It can be argued the Xbox 360 stole the PS3’s thunder from the prior console generation in terms of sales and market place, now however the PS4 has led Sony’s surge into reclaiming the top spot.

What do you all think the reasons are? The exclusive games? The affordable pricing? Or something else?