PlayStation Store access ends for PS3, PSP and PS Vita

Sony has confirmed dates and related information

The closure of PSN on PS3, PSP and PS VITA has been confirmed by Sony. The company has released information related to the topic at hand.

On Monday, Sony announced the closure of the online stores from its older consoles. The PlayStation Portable store ends on July 2, 2021 while the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 stores will conclude on August 27.

This means that any purchase of a new game, DLCs and video content on each of the consoles will no longer be possible. Any funds left over on the PlayStation Network wallet can only purchase items on PS4 and PS5. Sony will provide refunds for leftover funds if users request it.

Sony has also confirmed on their FAQ page that users are able to re-download games already purchased on the stores, or via subscriptions to PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now. Access can also be made through Download List in any device.

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