Planetation Announcement

Plant, harvest, shoot, build, refine and die

Planetation Game

Cairns-based 2Bit Studios and Screen Queensland have recently announced a brand-new co-op 'farmvival' game coming to PC and consoles - Planetation.

Combining the unrestrained creativity of base builders such as Factorio and Stardew Valley with the unlimited possibility and peril of a survival titles Seven Days To Die or The Forest, Planetation is set to take groups of up to 8 friends across an Australian outback-inspired adventure.

Artistic Lead Matthew Joy said, “Planetation has all the staples of the genre: meaningful base-building, intricate farming mechanics, endless exploration and continuous discovery.

“There are so many unique twists that keep the game feeling fresh. For example, you grow your metals instead of mining them, and you have to discover and ‘tame’ most of your crops before you can plant them.”

You can learn more about Planetation here.