Phantom Abyss Announcement Trailer

Temple Run anyone?

Indie sweethearts Devolver Digital have announced their latest game - Phantom Abyss.

In a nutshell, Phantom Abyss is a procedurally generated multiplayer game, pitting players against each other as they try to reach the end of a treacherous temple, all while dodging traps, fleeing from temple guardians and platforming their way to victory.

Where Phantom Abyss stands out however is in its unique approach to failure and victory. You'll only get one shot at each temple, and if someone reaches the end, that temple will close forever. Of course due to the title's procedurally generated nature, there will be limitless amounts of temples. As players attempt to reach the end, they will see the past ghosts of others that have come before them (and failed) - meaning you can observe their mistakes, and adjust accordingly.

It seems like a fun concept, no doubt some higher levels players will be shutting down temples left and right, and a competitive scene could easily rise.

Phantom Abyss comes to Steam in early access sometime next month.