Petition for Days Gone 2 has over 17,000 signatures

Fans plead with Sony to green light sequel

New petition has emerged for a Days Gone sequel.

As we’ve covered the PC port trailer of Days Gone, a petition is making headlines across the Internet. Fans desperately want Sony to allow Bend Studio to make a sequel to the game considering the game's story remains unresolved.

The petition has reached over 17,800 at the time of writing this article and is getting closer to 25,000 signatures, meaning it becomes top signed on the website. Whether the petition is successful or not, it demonstrates fans were upset with the treatment Bend Studio received from Sony. Players also found enjoyment riding and shooting in the open world setting with a likeable protagonist in Deacon St John.

Although Days Gone was a commercial success, becoming Bend Studio highest selling title, its drawn out development and mixed critical reaction led Sony to reject a sequel. Perhaps the petition and PC sales of Days Gone may convince Sony otherwise.

Are you going to be signing the petition?