Overwatch 2 is making some drastic changes

And we're a little concerned to be honest

Ever since lead developer Jeff Kaplan suddenly departed Blizzard in late April, there has been worrying concerns for the future of Overwatch 2, and after today's Developer PVP Livestream, many in the Overwatch community (us included) are bracing for tough times ahead.

Perhaps the biggest news is the format change from 6v6 to 5v5 - meaning Tanks will now only fill one position in a team. This is obviously a monumental shift in gameplay direction as half the current roster of Tanks are 'Off-Tanks' - heroes designed to 'peel' and support the 'Main Tank'. Questions then are being raised as to how these Off-Tank heroes are going to adapt to fit the role of 'Main Tank'? And it seems like Activision Blizzard isn't really sure themselves - at approximately 22 minutes into the livestream, Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman states "some of the heroes won't even really be playable by our play test this year". Not the most confident of signs when the game plans to launch sometime in 2022.

As the whole face of Overwatch changes to a 5v5 format, sweeping ability changes are inbound for many heroes. Mei's primary fire will no longer freeze opponents in place, Winston will get a long range attack, Reinhardt will have two Fire Strike charges and greater steering control over his Charge ability, Bastion and Orisa will face full redesigns (these are of course only what we know of so far).

One welcome addition is an overhaul of UI and HUD changes. Numbers and icons will be much more visible, Mercy and Zenyatta will be able to see much clearer which teammates they are healing, Winston will have a timer to indicate how long his bubble has remaining - to name a few.

Of course everything we've seen and been told is still a work in progress, so it's not fair to completely lose hope for a triumphant Overwatch return - but from where we're standing, things don't seem super promising.

You can check out the full livestream here.