Outriders: The next major franchise for Square Enix

Reached 3.5 million players in first month

Outriders seen as next big franchise for Square Enix

Outriders, the co-op looter-shooter developed by People Can Fly has reached 3.5 million unique players since launch. The average playtime hits over 30 hours and publisher Square Enix says the game has an “extremely high engagement for co-operative play”.

Despite the rocky launch and inventory issues, Square Enix believes Outriders will be the company’s next big franchise, and will celebrate it’s achievement with limited time price promotions on all platforms that will run until the end of May.

Also Square Enix will release an upcoming patch that deals with the “damage mitigation issue” once its successfully tested.

How many hours have you clocked into Outriders?

[SOURCE: eurogamer.net, ign.com]