Outriders bug wipes inventory and hours of progress

Developer aware of the game's issues

Bug plaguing Outriders players' inventory and progress.

A number of Outriders players have experienced a bug that has wiped out their inventory and disallowed login to their characters. It stems from the game’s first major patch, which was directed at fixing crashes and connectively issues.

No release date on when a fix patch will happen, but developer People Can Fly are aware and have tweeted their apology:

"We are aware and deeply sorry that some users are continuing to encounter an inventory wipe. We are doing everything we can to resolve this issue, both server and game-side. Our plan is still to work on a restoration for all affected accounts."

You can read the Outriders subreddit and find all sorts of horror stories from players who have lost hours of progress. You will find many memes making fun of the topic.

Anyone here have this issue? Let us know in the comments.

[SOURCE: eurogamer.net, twitter.com, reddit.com]