Outriders bug reduced but not eliminated

More server changes deployed

Square Enix will make changes to server to reduce the bug from effecting Outriders.

Yesterday we reported on a vicious bug wiping out players’ inventory and progress in Outriders. Now game publisher Square Enix have posted a new update to address the situation:

We have deployed additional server changes to prevent this issue from occurring and we believe the occurrence should now drastically reduce, but we are keeping a close eye on further reports. For now, please ONLY leave a top-level reply report in this thread if you encountered the Inventory wipe AFTER 11.04.21 - 9pm BST / 4pm ET / 1pm PT

Basically a solution has not been found and temporary measures have been implemented to reduce the problem. Square Enix is hearing the bug stems from when a multiplayer session begins from the Expeditions Outrider camp, and advise players to avoid it.

Their goal to have a date for an inventory restoration event once the bug is fixed. In the meantime they are continually monitoring reports from the games’ subreddit page.

Do you think its possible users can reclaim all their lost items from a new patch?

[SOURCE: reddit.com, pcgamer.com]