Outriders achieves successful launch

Triples PC player count of publisher companion Marvel's Avengers

Outriders Square Enix

April's first major release has been greeted with what could only be considered a success for Square Enix, peaking at 109,000 PC players on launch day. The sci-fi looter shooter has more than tripled the same metric Marvel's Avengers - also published by Square Enix - hit on its launch day last year.

What could be the cause of such a huge gap? Most critics and fans felt that Marvel's Avengers wasn't that good of a game. The general censuses being the story was okay at best, the combat and enemy variety was bland, the UI was over-cumbersome, loading times went longer than expected and the game launched with numerous audio and technical bugs. Apart from a few minor bugs, Outriders is clearly more polished and simply more exciting in moment to moment play.

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[SOURCE store.steampowered.com]