Oculus VR goes fully wireless in latest update

Impressive steps for Virtual Reality Headsets.

Oculus Air Link

Oculus has announced new features that will be rolling out to Oculus Quest headsets, one of them being Air Link - a way to experience VR content completely wireless.

The press release gives a lengthy explanation of what Air Link is and how it works, but in layman terms, the software update will allow Oculus owners to connect to their PC's via Wi-Fi and the new Air Link steaming pipeline.

Oculus notes that users will require a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection, and that not every network or PC setup will be ideal. Guidelines suggest playspace should be within roughly 20 feet of the Wi-Fi router, with the network operating on 5G.

The update will also include the option to enable 120Hz display on the Oculus Quest 2, leading to a much smoother gameplay experience.

Have you bought an Oculus in Australia? Currently, they are priced at roughly $479 AUD for the 64GB model, or $639 AUD for the 256GB. If you have, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the headset below!

[SOURCE oculus.com]