No Mans Sky Prisms Trailer

Version 3.5

Another month, another No Mans Sky update. Prisms Update 3.5 will deliver a visual overhaul for the title, bring in volumetric lighting.

New rain effects along with upgraded hair and fur, new warp effects and increased draw distances are also been added. Players will also be able to tame flying creatures to fly!

Full update notes below


  • Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is an NVIDIA RTX technology which incorporates anti-aliasing and super sampling techniques to improve image detail at higher resolutions, without compromising framerate. * DLSS can be enabled for all compatible NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, and offers significant performance and visual quality improvements.


  • Screen space reflections (SSR) have been enabled for PC (coming soon to PCVR), next-generation consoles, and Xbox One X.

  • SSR creates high-quality reflective materials and improves lighting quality.

Bespoke SSR visuals have been authored and enabled on the Space Anomaly, the Space Station, freighter interiors, derelict freighters and Atlas Stations.


  • Parallax occlusion mapping has been added for all platforms.

  • Parallax occlusion mapping adds additional detail and definition to textures and materials used on the Space Anomaly and large planetary buildings.


  • Light refraction rendering has been enabled for all platforms except VR on base PS4.Glass basebuilding parts will now refract light.

  • Refractive materials have been added to appropriate glass or liquid decorative items, such as glass containers or transparent screens.

  • Refractive materials have been added to appropriate planetary effects, such as floating bubbles.

  • Refractive materials have been added to the Space Anomaly.

  • Starship and Exocraft cockpits now refract the light.


  • The visual quality and density of rain effects have been significantly improved.

  • Raindrops now refract the light.

  • Planetary surfaces, plants, minerals, creatures, starships and players now become wet when they are rained upon.

  • Lightning storms now have a chance to create storm crystals at the impact point of lightning.

  • Meteor showers now have a chance to leave valuable harvestable rocks at their impact site.


  • Light shaft / crepuscular ray rendering has been improved for a more atmospheric planetary experience.

  • Many foliage props have been reworked for increased detail.

  • Additional planetary details have been added, and draw distances on existing objects have

  • been increased, for next-generation consoles and PC using Ultra settings.

  • Caves have been overhauled, creating a rich, more detailed, more atmospheric environment to explore.

  • Warping and teleportation visuals and audio have been completely reworked.

  • The Space Station hangar bay now features an automated Space Station Controller to

  • monitor traffic and ensure smooth station operations.

  • Starship engine audio has been remixed and improved.

  • Particle effects, such as drone, ship and asteroid explosions, have been significantly improved.

  • The visual effects for the player torch have been improved.

  • Fixed a number of issues that caused the player torch to be too bright for the current location.

  • Fixed a number of issues that caused the player torch to intersect the player while running.

  • Debanding has been improved, fixing several visual artifacts in high-noise areas.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the galaxy map to be less colourful than intended.

  • Fixed an aliasing issue affecting chairs and other seating in the Space Station.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect shadows on freighter bridges.

  • Fixed an issue that caused ship takeoff audio to trigger as the game loaded.

  • Fixed several visual issues with the alien pods aboard derelict freighters.


  • The depth of field effect has been rewritten, based on physical circle-of-confusion simulation.

  • The quality of the DoF field has been significantly improved.

  • In Photo Mode, DoF controls have been adjusted to reflect these settings. Auto-Far mode has been removed. A Macro mode has been added, giving fine control over focus close to the camera.

  • Bloom control has been added to the available Photo Mode options.

  • The buttons to adjust Photo Mode settings have been made instant click.

  • Fixed an issue that caused audio spam while adjusting Photo Mode settings.


  • The quality of the ByteBeat drum synthesiser has been significantly improved.

  • A ByteBeat library and music player has been added to the Quick Menu, under Utilities.

  • The library can be used to play saved tracks wherever you are, allowing you to create your own personal soundtrack.

  • When within a base (your own or another player’s) with active ByteBeat Devices, you can save the devices’ output as a track to your Library.

  • The ByteBeat Library can be used to send tracks to nearby players. Sent tracks are saved to their Library.


  • Fur rendering technology has been added for all platforms except Xbox One S and PSVR.

  • Fur has been added to a number of creatures. These creatures have been selected appropriately from existing species.

  • Virtually all low-flying and land-based creatures can now be tamed and adopted as companions.

  • Low-flying companions can be mounted and flown through the sky.

  • Fixed an issue that caused crablike creatures to always be labelled as extinct.

  • Fixed a number of colouration and marking issues with specific creatures.

No Mans Sky Prisms