No Man's Sky receives another major update

Multiplayer focused 'Expeditions' is out now.

We've honestly lost track of the number of game changing updates No Man's Sky has received since its somewhat dismal launch in 2016. Its latest expansion however, adequately named Expeditions, adds an entire new game mode allowing players to "start on the same planet and embark together on expeditions across the galaxy".

Studio Boss Sean Murray as taken to the PlayStation Blog to share his excitement for the update, which is out today - "Through the Expedition planner Travellers can embark on a series of milestones, each bringing new challenges – some are simple, others only the most dedicated will reach. Completed milestones unlock gorgeous mission patches to display, and a host of new content that can be accessed across all saves.”

After the expedition has concluded, all earned progress will be transferred over to a standard save, allowing returning and veteran players to continue with their exclusive loot, and to keep things fresh, the game mode will change every season. The update also brings quality of life improvements such as an updated scanner, improved pinning and text chat, Sentinel balance, galaxy map colour-blind support and finally, new daunting 'Walker Titanfalls' Sentinels.

Does this multiplayer focused update entice you to head back and attempt to reach the centre of the universe? Let us know in the comments below.