No Coalition developed Star Wars game

Senior Community Manager denies rumours

The Coalition Community Manager denies any Star Wars game is in the works

Earlier in the month, GamesBeat leaker Jeff Grubb heard from sources that a Star Wars game was being developed by Gears of War developer The Coalition. Grubb was uncertain over the validity of the rumour.

Now we have confirmation from The Coalition’s senior community manager, Shaun Akerman, that there are no plans for a Star Wars game. On a Reddit forum post, Akerman wrote "Just to clarify regarding the Star Wars thing. We are not working on any such title. We have nothing else to announce at this time."

The Coalition will develop future projects on the Unreal Engine 5 and is believed to be working on a new IP.

EA no longer has the exclusive license for Star Wars, and other studios now have the chance to create new Star Wars games (if they can work something out with Disney).

Disappointed about the news? No Gears-inspired Star Wars game?