New PlayStation VR Controllers revealed!

A complete reinvention

Sony unveils designs for the next generation of VR controllers for the PlayStation 5. Unique, orb styled designs characterise the technology.

Hideaki Nishino, a Senior Vice President at Sony has outlined full details on PlayStation’s official blog on the new VR controllers.

Described as featuring stronger immersion alongside adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and finger-touch detection, the new VR controllers were built from scratch. Nishino says that Sony’s Product, Engineering and Design teams wanted go beyond the capabilities of current gen VR by building upon the PlayStation 5’s DualSense wireless controller in its ‘feel’.

Most notably, its ‘orb’ design was created for the purpose of ergonomics, regardless of one’s hand size, for free-flowing natural movement. Nishino hopes game developers will take advantage of the design, and believes it will revolutionise virtual reality gaming.

As mentioned earlier, the VR controllers have five key features that will improve interactivity with games - adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, finger touch detection, tracking and action buttons/analog sticks. In layman terms: the adaptive triggers are buttons found on both controllers that add extra tension when pressed; haptic feedback further stimulates the touch sensation in various gameplay settings; finger touch detection on the controllers can identify your fingers without pressing areas you normally touch, allowing for natural gestured movement; tracking on the controllers is done via the VR headset; and the action buttons/analog sticks are evenly partitioned into both left and right controllers.

Sony will deliver prototypes for game developers to experiment on its capabilities for future gaming. Its release for the general public still remains under wraps.

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