Moon Samurai announced for PC and Switch

New pixelated cyberpunk action-adventure game

Moon Samurai is a cyberpunk action-adventure game with 2D pixel graphics developed by the Russian-based Nunchaku Games.

The game is fusion of platforming and beat em’ up genres, with various melee weapons to play around with. Combat gameplay is interwoven with interactive QTE elements for the protagonist, who is a martial arts master.

Cinematic storytelling will feature in the game, as Moon Samurai is influenced from old-school martial arts movies and the cyberpunk genre. In addition, classic retro-games such as Prince of Persia, Double Dragon, Battletoads serve as inspiration for the gameplay.

Here is a story summary:

‘You will play as a young futuristic samurai named Buddy. Fight your way through a dangerous science-fiction world, unravel its mysteries, and escape all the traps. Tornadic scuffles against a broad range of enemies will go hand-in-hand with exciting parkour-style jumping over rooftops, balconies, and ladders’.

Moon Samurai is developed for the PC and Nintendo Switch platforms, though it has no release date yet.

Let us know your thoughts on this Russian indie game.