Monark Reveal

New details have been released by Lancarse

Monark will release on October 14 via Switch and Sony consoles

UPDATE: New unveiled trailer has been added below, and Monark's western release window will be in early 2022.

A few days ago, we wrote an article about the ‘new school RPG’ from ex Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei developers, titled Monark. Details were very vague and we speculated that more information would be released on June 10, which has been proven to be correct.

Monark follows the True Student Council, a taskforce designed to resolve abnormal activity in a school. Your playable character is the Deputy Head of the said council, who partners with a buddy from four characters in combating the game’s enemies.

Speaking of combat, Monark employs a free move turn system that is command-based. By increasing your madness gives your protagonist more powerful skills.

In addition, an ‘EGO’ system representing the six deathly sins impacts the choices you make and can change depending on your diagnosis. The ‘EGO’ system gives players the ability to employ demons as ‘underlings’, who can later be customised.

Published by FuRyu and developed by Lancarse, Monark will launch on October 14 via the Nintendo Switch as well as the PS4/5 in Japan. No information regarding international releases has been confirmed.

What do you guys think of the information revealed so far?