Monark: A ‘New School RPG’ teased

Will have June 10 announcement

Ex Shin Megumi Tensei developers to create a new RPG game

Ex staff members from the popular JRPG series Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei are teaming up to for what is described as a ‘new school RPG’. Monark is the title of the game and is set for a June 10 announcement.

The four developers comprise of Kazunari Suzuki, Tsukasa Masuko, Aya Nishitani and Ryutaro Ito.

Apart from Monark’s genre and key staff members, not much else is known. Most likely, more information will be revealed on June 10.

We will keep a close eye for when the announcement is made.

Any guesses on what 'new school RPG' could mean?

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